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Income By providing rental income, homeowners who might otherwise lose their homes can retain them, and those in less dire financial straits can garner funds for home maintenance, improvement and taxes.

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Social Capital

Social Capital Alley Flats can foster mutually beneficial arrangements such as help with home maintenance, child or adult care, shopping, transportation, eyes on the street for crime prevention, wellness checks for disabled or ill residents, and social interaction.

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Improved Alleys

Improved Alleys Many Alley Flats are built on alleys, improving these unique spaces and making them cleaner, safer, and more usable.

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Sprawl Mitigation

Sprawl Mitigation Infill housing strategies such as Alley Flats reduce vehicle pollution and congestion, preserve rural land, and make use of existing city infrastructure.

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Neighborhood Stabilization

Neighborhood Stabilization Alley Flats integrate with the character of existing neighborhoods and the income they provide can help to stem the tide of displacement.

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