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Build an Alley Flat

Homeowners in Austin who agree to comply with Austin’s SMART Housing requirements for 5 years are eligible to participate in the Alley Flat Initiative.

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Build an Alley Flat

I want to learn more about The Alley Flat Initiative and maybe build an affordable ADU in my backyard! What are the next steps?

1. Phone consultation:

We’ll provide general information about Alley Flat development through a phone consultation, free of charge!

2. Assessment and Site visit (1hr/$80):

After our initial phone consultation, we can meet with you on site to talk about how an ADU could fit in your backyard. Together we will evaluate the maximum Alley Flat size, placement options, and potential catalog models. If needed, we can have a follow-up meeting with you at our office to discuss more specifics for your ADU design and our program.

The site visit has a non-refundable fee of $80, which will be credited to your service proposal total if you wish to proceed with the project. The credit expires after 6 months. Payments should be received at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled site visit. If payment is not received, the site visit will be cancelled. Pay for your consultation here.

In preparation for the site visit, we will need:

  • your address
  • property survey
  • known restrictions for your property
3. Project proposal:

If you decide to move forward with the project, we will provide you with a full proposal for your Alley Flat, which includes estimates for structural and civil engineering as required.


If you are interested in building an Alley Flat on your property, contact us by filling out the information below. You can also contact AFI coordinator Marla Torrado or call our office at 512-220-4254.

Interested in Building an Alley Flat on My Property

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