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Is an Alley Flat right for you?

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Does your property qualify?

Typically, lot size is the most important factor in determining eligibility.

If you meet the requirements below then your lot is likely eligible for an Alley Flat:

Minimum lot size:

5,750 square feet


SF-3, SF-5 & SF-6 and MF-1 thru MF-6 (if your neighborhood has adopted the Secondary Apartment Infill Tool then SF-1 and SF-2 also qualify). You can check the zoning of your property here .

Deed restrictions:

Verify that there are no deed restrictions on your property that would prevent you from building another dwelling unit.

The existing conditions on your lot must also be considered. These specifics include parking, trees, size of the main home, configuration of the lot, site setbacks, and McMansion requirements.

Do you need an alley to have an Alley Flat?

No, but it is generally more convenient than other accessory dwelling units without alley access.

Is an Alley Flat right for you?

To participate in the Initiative, clients have the option to commit to the City of Austin’s S.M.A.R.T. Housing program ) for the first 5 years after their Alley Flat is completed. The acronym stands for Safe, Mixed-income, Accessible, Reasonably-priced, Transit-oriented. Benefits to SMART housing participants include fee waivers for permitting and some Capital Recovery fees, expedited review through the permitting process, and advocacy in resolving issues that may arise with other City departments.

Per the program, tenants are limited to households with income at or below 80% MFI (Median Family Income) and rent may not be more than 28% of a tenant’s household monthly income for the unit size.

Next steps?

If you would like to talk to us and schedule a site visit, click here to learn about our process and next steps!