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After construction documents are complete, you are ready to begin the permitting and bidding process.

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The Next Steps

The next steps are obtaining building permits, receiving bids from multiple contractors, selecting a contractor, and building your Alley Flat. Typically, the permitting and bidding process run concurrently.


Community Powered Workshop will take the required paperwork and drawings issued by the architect and submit for a building permit with the City of Austin Plan Review Department.

 Bidding and Selecting a Contractor/Builder


You will want to hire an insured general building contractor to build your Alley Flat. One of the best ways to choose a contractor is to get recommendations from friends and colleagues that have had success with a contractor for their own projects. We begin the process by asking contractors to bid on your Alley Flat and discuss the bids with each of them in detail. You will also want to ask your contractor for local references so that you may contact them and see if they were satisfied with the contractor’s work. Make sure your contractor is insured and ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate.

Construction Contract

Once you’ve selected the contractor, you’ll want to complete and sign a contract with your contractor and get all oral promises in writing. Make sure you understand each portion of the contract before signing and be as specific and clear as possible in completing the contract. You may want to use the AIA Contract Documents, which are widely considered to be the industry standard.

 Construction Administration

Consistent with industry standards, the Community Powered Workshop architect will make at least 2 site visits during construction.